About Hortilux

Hortilux Schréder is the market leader in the development, supply and application of grow light solutions (LED, HPS and hybrid) for international greenhouse horticulture and indoor farming.

Our mission is to support growers worldwide to get the maximum results from the use of grow light. We do this by sharing our knowledge and offering the most suitable solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Your Grow Light Knowledge Partner

Your yield is central to us. We are the grow light specialist that focuses on quality and knowledge of grow light systems (LED, HPS and hybrid) in which advice, design, engineering and service connect seamlessly. We translate your situation and requirements into the optimal grow light solution that increases your yield per m2.


Hortilux is a family-owned business, rooted in The Netherlands, the origin for many advanced horticultural innovations. Passion, commitment and the strive for continuity are in our DNA. We constantly ask ourselves the question: ‘How can we do better?‘. This aim for quality, problem solving and increase of profitability for our clients characterises Hortilux and its people.

Dool Industries

Hortilux is part of Dool Industries, ‘a family of business’, established by a family of entrepreneurs. Each business has its own name, reputation and character and operates independently in their own field of business.

  • Hortilux, professional grow light for the international greenhouse horticulture
  • AP Nederland, assembly of grow light fixtures
  • Agrilight, professional lighting for livestock housing and agricultural buildings

The activities differ, the DNA is identical. For each of these companies high quality and innovative technology is key.


Hortilux was establish in 1997, derived from its predecessor Poot Lichtenergie. Since the very beginning Hortilux has been the frontrunner when it comes to innovation in professional horticultural grow light. Hortilux has set many of the industry standards.

  • We were the first to make year round production of vegetables in greenhouses possible.
  • We were also the first to introduce a 1000 Watt fixture, which was 30% more efficient compared to the existing fixtures.
  • In 2008 we integrated the first LED fixture into our line of products, recently expanded with a complete LED product line: HORTILED®.


Hortilux is Registered Exporter (REX) under number NLREX3077