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Grow light technology is developing rapidly. New light recipes, reduced energy consumption, and less radiant heat are a few of the aspects triggering growers to rethink their grow light use. Business owners want to know more about cultivation using new grow light technology, or make smarter use of the existing technology.


Take your use of grow light to the next level

What can the developments outlined mean for your crop? Or even better: what do they mean for your business? Hortilux’s advice and research services will help you on your way! Our goals? To take your grow light use to the next level and optimise the returns for your business. With more than 40 years of experience, there are all sorts of ways we can help you with grow light use for horticulture. For example through knowledge sharing and research, and by monitoring and optimising your grow light processes.


Our services

Our Grow Light Performance consultants play a key role in our advice and research services. They share Hortilux’s in-house knowledge and experience with you, and also act as a knowledge partner. Thanks to a broad partner network of international knowledge and research institutes and our own product development, our work is always in tune with the latest trends and developments. For specialised requirements we can also connect you with one of our partners. The most common services we provide for growers are:





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We can provide our advice and research service based on your specific wishes. For a first impression of the possibilities, you can request a brochure using the form below. Is your objective not listed here? No problem, our services are aimed at meeting your specific needs. So feel free to contact us for the possibilities!