Advice on optimising light efficiency

A grow light system is an important and capital-intensive company asset for growers. Grow lights assist in achieving your cultivation and business goals. At the same time, a grow light system demands significant financial investment and approximately 30-40% of your operational costs can be attributed to grow light use. This means that, for you as a grower, achieving optimum performance from your grow light system is essential. Hortilux’s Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help you on your way.

Monitoring and optimising grow light processes


Hortilux’s consultants use HortiSense to monitor and optimise your grow light efficiency. HortiSense is Hortilux’s digital platform, aimed at increasing the efficiency, operational reliability and targeting of grow light use. HortiSense contains an enormous amount of data for monitoring the grow light installation. What’s crucial is that you interpret the data correctly, and also consider trends and developments over a longer period of time. The consultants will support you in this process. They work with the growers (and the cultivation advisers involved) to see what can be improved. The grower then adjusts his or her cultivation decisions accordingly.

The indicators that the consultants most commonly monitor for clients involve the optimal conversion of grow light into assimilates. At what times does grow light use offer the best returns, and when – from a cost perspective – is it more sensible to turn the lighting off?


Targeted adjustment


Just like the light effectivity, these matters are made transparent in the HortiSense digital platform. For this purpose, the parameters that determine the use of the light are continuously monitored during cultivation: the amount of PAR light available, the temperature, the CO2 level in the greenhouse, and the Leaf Area Index.


HortiSense provides insight into daily plant production, as well as into the plant’s response to the amount of light it receives. This in turn means that the lighting and other growth parameters can be adjusted in a targeted way, optimising the production of sugars and thus the light utilisation.

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Consultant Grow Light Performance

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Consultant Grow Light Performance