Aluminium control panel increases operational reliability


Hortilux is known for its innovative spirit and continuously tries to help increase its clients yield and operational reliability by improve its products and services. Again Hortilux has set the standard with the development of an aluminium housing for grow light control panels. Since the beginning of 2016 all projects are fitted with these aluminium control panels. With their positive properties aluminium control panels increase the continuity and operational reliability of an organisation and are seen as the new standard in the industry.

Optimal heat management

Heat management for control panels has been an important issue for years. To realise optimal performance and extend the life span of all components of a control panel the temperature has to be kept under a certain value. The amount of components plus the load on these components cause heat development within a control panel. The housing material of the panels determines how well the heat is conducted and dispatched and therefore forms an important restriction.

Aluminium housing

To optimise the heat management and increase engineering possibilities Hortilux has developed an aluminium housing for the control panels. Aluminium is a much better thermal conductor than steel, which is currently used for the housing of most panels. A panel with an aluminium housing therefore stays much cooler.

Heat calculations NPR-EN-IEC 60890

Heat calculations executed following the NPR-EN-IEC 60890 norm show that a panel (0.38 x 2 x 0.21 mtr) with a aluminium housing is 10.8°K cooler at half height than a panel with a steal housing. At full height the temperature difference increases up to 18.9°K to the advantage of the aluminium housing. The heat calculations are conducted on a control panel with 16 groups / 9 bulbs 1000W.

Longer life span

The life span of all control panel components depends to a large extent on heat development and management. This new aluminium housing keeps panels cooler, resulting in a longer life span for all components. This innovative development increases the continuity and operational reliability of a company. Furthermore optimal heat conduction creates more engineering possibilities, which can lead to efficiency and cost reduction.

Greenhouse climate of less influence

Another advantage of an aluminium housing is that aluminium reacts differently to humidity. A humid greenhouse climate and the use of water and crop protection products are of less influence to panels with an aluminium housing. This also proves to be an advantage and extends the life span of panels in horticultural areas nearby the coast, which are exposed to salty sea winds.