Botanica Russia signs agreement for grow light


Hortilux has signed an agreement for the installation of a complete grow light solution with vegetable producer Botanica in Russia. Botanica is a leading horticultural company growing cucumbers in the Volgograd region in Russia. To be able to guarantee year round high quality production Botanica has opted for a complete grow light solution by Hortilux. The project will be executed in two phases, the first phase starting in June with the installation of 5ha, later followed by the realisation of another 10ha.

Botanica has chosen Hortilux’ 1000 Watt HSE NXT II fixtures to grow its cucumber crop. “Hortilux offered us a perfect insight into the possibilities for our specific situation”, says Yurij Sudarev, major shareholder of Botanica. “Because Hortilux takes care of the engineering, installation and hardware, all components fit together seamlessly, therefore extending the life span of the installation and ensuring optimal results.

“We have chosen for the HSE NXT II fixture with a deep-radiating reflector to create a high light output and optimal vertical light distribution into the crop. This combination of fixture and reflector is perfect for our crop and helps us to increase our yield per m2. The personal approach together with the specialised knowledge and solutions Hortilux offers convinced us Hortilux is the right partner for us. Thanks to their office in Moscow, Hortilux has local presence in the Russian market and can provide us with the service we demand from our suppliers in the long run. “

Orchan Koelijev, account manager Russia for Hortilux adds: “We always act side-by-side our clients and put their yield at central stage by offering tailor made solutions. Our clients recognise and appreciate this.”

About Botanica LLC

“Ovoschevod” started its activities in January 1975. By the end of the 80’s the farm was the second largest fresh vegetable producing farm in RSFSR. In 2004 the ownership was handed over to the ‘Radezh’ group and the products of ‘Ovoschevod’ were branded “Botanica”. Nowadays “Botanica” is counting 20ha of new, ultramodern greenhouses, has a logistic center and its own power generation center. The company has created 400 new jobs and realizes a production of up to 100kg per m2. “Botanica” has a year round cultivation of homeland ecologically-clean vegetables that comply with the highest quality standards. It delivers its produce to the shop shelves of Volgograd and other regions of Russia