Coming soon… a new HORTILED® Top range


Developments in LED grow light are succeeding rapidly. It is logical that growers expect grow light systems will increasingly match their crop, the greenhouse situation and the cultivation goals. At the same time, the high energy costs and the various subsidy options encourage entrepreneurs to switch to full LED. With the new HORTILED® Top range, Hortilux is responding to the various needs in the market. The first LED fixtures will be delivered in September.



Unique and versatile

The new LED fixtures are distinguished by their versatility. In terms of power consumption, six different configurations are possible, ranging from 520 to 1050 Watts. A dimming function offers growers the opportunity to vary their energy input and thus adjust production to energy prices, the seasons, market demand and specific crop needs. In addition, these new LED grow light systems have three different beam angles. This guarantees optimum uniformity. And a special high-wire optic ensures that Hortilux is the only one to optimize both the horizontal and vertical light input. This results in a consistent quality and high production.

Light recipes for specific cultivation goals

Due to the developments of LED grow light, in addition to the need for efficient grow light, there is also a greater need for control light. Growers want tastier crops, more compact plants, consistent quantities of certain substances, et cetera. The new HORTILED® Top series responds perfectly to this and offers possibilities for creating light recipes to achieve specific cultivation wishes and goals. For different crop types and different growth stages. Hortilux’s consultants can advise you perfectly on this.

Total solution for successful LED cultivation strategy

LED grow light brings a whole new way of growing. Many issues need to be re-examined: fertigation, climate, screening, biology, et cetera. It is especially important to create an optimal plant balance. Hortilux is an implementation partner of Plant Empowerment. Together with the other Plant Empowerment partners, we are able to offer an integrated total solution for a successful cultivation strategy under LED. As a result, entrepreneurs quickly master the intricacies of growing under LED and start-up losses are limited. The intensive guidance by the Hortilux consultants and the organization of special webinars and masterclasses also play a key role in this. In short: with this approach we help growers to grow successfully with LED and to achieve maximum returns.

Request brochure

The product brochure will be released during the official launch of the HORTILED® Top range. You can already request the brochure using the form below. We will then send you the brochure first.