Coming soon… two new HORTILED Top fixtures


A higher light level without higher energy costs or a constant light level with lower energy costs? That becomes possible with the two new HORTILED Top fixtures from Hortilux!

We will soon be launching two brand new HORTILED Top fixtures. These LED fixtures are excellent for use in new construction projects and as a replacement for HPS fixtures in existing greenhouses. They are particularly suitable for 1-on-1 replacement of 1000w and 600w HPS fixtures, without modifications to your existing installation.

Innovative design suitable for every application

All HORTILED Top fixtures are developed and produced in-house. As a result, we have full control over the quality of the LED fixtures and they more than meet the requirements set for intensive use in a greenhouse. In addition, due to their versatility and innovative design, these LED fixtures are very flexible in use, with optimal light distribution regardless of crop type and greenhouse construction. These LED fixtures are available with different beam angles and are therefore also configurable for lower greenhouse structures.



Top of the market

The new HORTILED Top fixtures are among the top of the market in terms of performance and also have favorable pricing. We are happy to share the product specifications with you. For this you can contact your account manager. The account manager uses a calculation and lighting plan to clarify what these new fixtures will mean for you.

Request brochure

We release the product brochure during the official product launch. You can already request the brochure using the form below. We will send you the brochure first.