Energy prices call for a new lighting strategy


Today's sky-high energy prices impact on businesses differently. For some growers the damage is limited, because their energy prices are fixed for a longer period of time. The vast majority of horticultural businesses, however, are paying current market prices. For some of them, energy costs now account for almost 35 per cent of the cost price, compared to 20 per cent previously. Obviously this has a major impact on returns.

These developments also have a major impact on grow light use. Some growers are no longer opting for maximum light output, instead choosing maximum energy savings. There are also growers who will begin using grow light later this winter than they would have otherwise. As a knowledge partner in the grow light field, there are a range of ways in which Hortilux can offer a helping hand to you as a grower:

Advice on optimising lighting hours

Hortilux’s Grow Light Consultants are happy to take a close look at your lighting strategy and cultivation plan to see where improvements could be made. These might include the times that the lighting is switched on and off, the climate while using the lighting, the light targets and – where relevant – the LAI (Leaf Area Index) for optimal utilisation of the grow light. We will discuss all relevant aspects – giving reasons for our conclusions – with you, and with your cultivation advisor where relevant.

Growth Light Scenario Calculations

Hortilux’s engineers have developed a scenario calculation model for examining your grow light system’s business case. What are the running costs of your current grow light system? Could they be reduced? And if you decide on an adapted grow light system, what are the yields, costs, and the additional heat balance? The scenario calculation model gives the answers to all these questions.

Light measurements

In order to guarantee that all components of your grow light system are functioning optimally, Hortilux offers a wide range of performance testing services. We have access to a certified and calibrated laboratory to test the performance and efficiency of your lamps, reflectors and drivers. We provide you with a measurement report that makes it clear how much energy is being wasted, and how you can tackle this.

To save energy, you may want to consider other factors beyond grow light use. Creating an optimal plant balance can also contribute. As one of Plant Empowerment’s implementation partners, we are able to assist you in this area too. The consultants of the various Plant Empowerment implementation partners work together closely, and if required can provide you with a broad tailor-made approach.

Would you like to know more?

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