Faster and more sustainable cultivation with Hortilux's new indoor farming grow light system


Multi-layer growing systems are gaining ground worldwide, so Hortilux is introducing HORTILED® Multi Fusion: 'the growth recipe for your multi-layer cultivation'. This grow light system is characterised by a high light output, combined with substantial energy savings and optimum light uniformity. The grow light solution can also be easily adapted to specific situations and cultivation goals.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and there is an increasing need for short and sustainable food chains. “COVID-19 has accelerated this process even more; today growers want to produce as close to the consumer as possible. Indoor farming and multi-layer cultivation can provide an answer to this,” says Harm Ammerlaan, Commercial Director at Hortilux. “An additional advantage is that, in a protected cultivation environment, aspects like climate, light intensity and light spectrum can be steered optimally. This helps to take production and uniformity to the next level.”

Faster and more sustainable production with consistent quality

The HORTILED® Multi Fusion is the answer to these developments. It’s an LED grow light system that is perfectly suited to indoor farming. “The technical design of the HORTILED® Multi Fusion means that the grower is guaranteed consistently high production and quality. For example the grow light system has a wide beam angle, ensuring uniform light distribution. This in turn results in a more uniform crop. It also means that fewer light sources are required. Hortilux developed the lighting solution in-house, and manufactures it in-house in the Netherlands too,” says Daniël Bos, Manager Innovation at Hortilux. The HORTILED® Multi Fusion is also characterised by a high light output combined with significant energy savings. “This is thanks to the high efficiency of the fittings, up to 3.1 µmol/J, with the limited radiant heat meaning that less ventilation is required. The installation costs of the HORTILED® Multi Fusion are limited as well.”

Your cultivation goals within reach

Not only does the HORTILED® Multi Fusion have optimum technical properties, but Hortilux – in conjunction with its partners and customers – has developed the optimum and most profitable light recipes for a range of multi-layer crops. “This integrated approach enables us to provide growers with the ideal growth recipe and concept for their multi-layer crop, and that’s what makes the difference,” Ammerlaan says. In addition to light recipes that have been proven in practice for various crops and cultivation goals, the grow light solution is tailored to the grower’s specific business and cultivation goals. “Based on the situation and the customer’s requirements, we realise a light plan that creates optimal efficiency for the HORTILED® Multi Fusion while also achieving the intended business and cultivation goals. These might be cultivation goals like increased production, better crop colouring, optimising the taste, increased shelf life, and so forth. Our consultants and partners think along with the grower and optionally carry out light and crop trials. We always go for the most cost-effective and robust solution. Maximum customisation is guaranteed.”

Would you like to know more?

The new HORTILED® Multi Fusion is among the top of the market in terms of performance and also has a favorable price. We are happy to share the product specifications with you. You can contact your Area Sales Manager for this. The Area Sales Manager provides insight into what this new grow light system will mean for you with a calculation and lighting plan. You can also request a product brochure using the form below. In the brochure you will find more information about the product features.