Georgian Greenhouse Corporation chooses Hortilux for knowledge and quality


The need for year-round cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers is growing rapidly in Georgia. Grow light is an essential factor for optimal crop growth in the dark period of the year. In order to realize the most optimal light-emission, JSC Georgian Greenhouse Corporation, chose to go with a Hortilux grow light solution for the cucumber section in the greenhouse located near the city Gardabani. As a knowledge authority on light and climate, Hortilux designs and supplies the ideal solution to meet the lighting needs of this greenhouse.

JSC Georgian Greenhouse Corporation (GGC) is one of the largest and most innovative agricultural enterprises in Georgia. The greenhouse complex in Gardabani grows a vast number of tomato and cucumber varietals in several different sections over a 12 Ha area. Producing for local and export markets, the company focuses on innovation and product quality. There are over 200 people employed and a total cost of the project investment accounts for 30.2 million USD, which is an important factor for the development of this region.

High quality cucumbers available all year round

The Georgian consumer wants to eat tasty Georgian vegetables all year round. They choose quality and want their cucumbers in winter to be of the same quality as in summer. “Grow light is an important tool for us to realize a high quality winter crop. We chose Hortilux because they have a lot of experience and knowledge of grow light and they are eager to share it with us”, says Archil Murvanishivili, Project Manager and Head of Procurement department.
In January 2019, Life Cycle Advisor Hans de Vries from Hortilux, will deliver a Grow Light Masterclass for the employees of GGC in Gardabani. “We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers. We help them to optimize their installation and to really use grow light as a valuable growth factor,” says Hortilux’s Key-account Manager Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS Orchan Koelijev.

Optimal solution for an innovative company

The grow light installation for GGC consists of HSE NXT II 1000W fixtures in combination with deep-beam reflectors. “This way they will achieve a high light output and optimal vertical light distribution into the crop,” says Orchan Koelijev, “This combination is perfect for cucumbers and helps them to increase their yield per m2.”

Koelijev is very proud of this collaboration. “GGC is an innovative company. They are one of the first entrepreneurs in Georgia to use grow light. I have great respect for the choices they make. I see many opportunities in this region to share our knowledge and to supply the right installations. This project is a fantastic first step.”