Greenco opts for innovation with HORTISENSE®


Shortly after the introduction of HORTISENSE ®, Greenco has invested in the digital platform for both their new location of 10ha, and for their existing location in Middenmeer-providing them with more control and insights about their grow lighting installation, any time anywhere!

HortiSense is the digital platform which measures and guards the grow light processes with sensors and PLCs. The corresponding HortiSense-software application interprets and presents the measured data in an easy and relevant manner to the grower. With this information, the grower can make calculated business decisions. The grower can access the information on any device, office, greenhouse, on the road or on the couch.

Greenco has participated in and tested the system in the early stages and was quickly convinced by the possibilities of the digital platform. Managing partner ‘Cultivation’ Henk van der Loos: “From the beginning, we were very interested in the idea behind HortiSense and decided to test it and help in the development. The system proved its added value in a short period of time, which convinced us to integrate HortiSense completely in the new build.”

HortiSense fits perfectly within Greenco’s strategy of innovation. Van der Loos: “We constantly innovate. We were awarded the Tomato Inspiration award at the Fruit Logistica 2017 for example, of which we are very proud, and it stimulates us to continually innovate. With HortiSense we take a new step which will contribute to this process”.

The ‘Asset-Control’ module of HortiSense actively guards the transformers and electrical panels against overheating, guards the quality of the energy and power and gives insight into the remaining lifetime of a lamp. But the grower also receives an automatic notification when a deviation in the grow lighting installation occurs. The ‘Grow-Light’ module offers real time insight into the amount of light the crop receives both from the sun and from artificial light, and gives a seven day prediction of the irradiation of sunlight per hour. The ‘Company’ & ‘Services’ modules are FREE for Hortilux customers, and allow them to request assessments and repairs and download the test results. All the data from the grow lighting installation and technical drawings can be found in HortiSense.

With HortiSense the grower has more control of and insight into their grow lighting, anytime and anywhere! It increases the efficiency of the grow lighting installation and secures the operational reliability of the electrical equipment. HORTISENSE increases the yield per m2. It brings all the relevant information from the grow light processes and grow lighting installations together in one digital platform.

Total Solutions
Hortilux is the specialist in grow lighting solutions. We recognise an efficient grow lighting solution is more than just a high quality fixture. All components of your grow lighting system have to work together seamlessly for the optimal efficiency (lower energy and maintenance costs) and a higher yield per m2. This is why Hortilux takes it all in one hand: advice, engineering, installation, project management, hardware and maintenance.

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