HORTILED Multi 4DIM: multiple light recipes in a single fixture


The disadvantage of regular LED grow light fixtures today is that they are rigid: they have a fixed set of colors. Researchers and growers who want to experiment with variable light recipes, have to install several fixtures with different color combinations. With the new HORTILED Multi 4DIM this is no longer needed: it enables researchers and growers to experiment with various color combinations in a single fixture.

The new LED fixture is special, because it offers a great deal of flexibility. The light recipe for the application isn’t determined in advance, but is adjustable to what is desired at any given time. It also offers the highest efficiency (from 2.25 up to 3 μmol/Joule) and output in the market, up to 1200 µmol/m2s without additional cooling!

The Multi 4DIM has been specially developed for research applications in growth chambers, climate controlled containers, tissue cultivation and dimmable experimental set-ups. All common light recipes within horticulture are possible and you can steer plant characteristics such as growth speed, color intensity, leaf development and compactness.

The fixture is suitable for:
– Creating the correct light recipe and light level for every crop
– Crops that need variable light levels during the day
– Vertical farming solutions

The Multi 4DIM consists of the highest quality LEDs for white, blue, red and far red. Color, lighting time and light intensity are individually adjustable with the internal four channel driver with DALI lighting protocol. Hortilux offers a variety of light management systems to control the Multi 4DIM and to create the perfect light recipe. Power and four channel control are connected with just one five-pole plug!