Hortilux introduces new HORTILED® Top grow light systems


Realising a higher light intensity or saving on grow light energy costs: these are what you as a grower aim to achieve with a new grow light system. The new HORTILED® Top Intense and Sirius grow light systems are the answer. While the Intense system guarantees maximum light output and flexibility, the HORTILED Top® Sirius helps to achieve significant energy savings. There's always a system that's an optimal match for your objectives and business situation.

The new systems are another new addition to Hortilux’s HORTILED® Top series. The HORTILED® Top Intense and Sirius deliver the best performance, are attractively priced, and stand out for their versatile and innovative design. “This gives them flexible applications in new construction projects and existing greenhouses, as a completely new system, or to optimise the existing grow light system,” says Harm Ammerlaan, Hortilux’s Commercial Director. “And a major advantage: when replacing 600- or 1000-watt HPS fixtures, no changes to the electrical system are needed.”

Hortilux’s new HORTILED® Top systems are developed and produced entirely in-house. Innovation Manager Daniël Bos: “Keeping both the development and production processes in-house gives us maximum control over delivery reliability and means we can guarantee the highest quality. In combination with our years of experience in international horticulture, this enables us to supply products that are fully tailored to the modern grower’s requirements.”

Spotlight on the new grow light systems

Hortilux has made a deliberate choice to introduce two different HORTILED® Top grow light systems. It means that there is always a system that’s an optimal match for your objectives and business situation.


  • Intense: the most flexible grow light system with the highest light output


HORTILED® Top Intense guarantees the highest light output for the available electrical capacity. It means that you get more light in your greenhouse, while energy costs stay the same. The optimal light distribution is another of Intense‘s unique qualities, thanks to the many configuration options this system offers. It doesn’t matter how high your greenhouse is, how much space there is in the roof, or which crop you’re growing. The Intense gives you maximum flexibility and can be used in all situations.

The fact that the grow light is distributed across multiple LED light sources is another advantage: it results in better light penetration and better yields for both high-wire and ornamental crops. And not unimportantly: a single HORTILED® Top Intense can replace several HPS fixtures. This also contributes to its attractive pricing.


  • Sirius: the most energy-efficient grow light system with high light intensity


If saving energy is your goal, then choose the Sirius grow light system. This is the most energy-efficient grow light system with high light intensity. When replacing 1000W HPS fixtures, this grow light system offers the greatest energy savings at the same light intensity. Replacing 600-watt fixtures means a higher light intensity combined with substantial energy savings. And thanks to the various beam angles, Sirius provides optimum light distribution for your greenhouse construction and crop. The wide beam angle makes this grow light system ideal for lower greenhouse structures and for crops with lower light requirements as well.


Would you like to know more?

You can request a product brochure using the form below. In the brochure you will find more information about the product specifications and the various configuration options. And, based on a calculation and a customised light plan, Hortilux’s grow light specialists will be happy to show you what the HORTILED® Top Intense and Sirius can mean for you and your business and the difference they can make. Please contact our account managers for more information.

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