Hortilux launches HORTISENSE®


With HORTISENSE ®, Hortilux introduces a revolution in grow light. This digital platform gives the grower full control of his grow light, anytime, anywhere!

HORTISENSE is a digital platform that monitors and safe guards various grow light processes in the greenhouse through the use of sensors and PLC’s. The HORTISENSE software applications interpret the data and present it to the grower as relevant information. The grower can see the information on any device, anytime, anywhere.

The “asset performance” module of HORTISENSE automatically prevents overheating of transformers and electrical panels and actively safe guards power quality. The “light management” module gives real time insight in the amount of light that reaches the crop, both from the sun and from the grow light fixtures. The “maintenance” module gives, among other things, insight in the remaining life time of bulbs and notifies the grower in case of disturbances or deviations in the grow light system.

With HORTISENSE a grower has full control of his grow light, anytime, anywhere. It increases the efficiency of the grow light installation and secures the operational reliability of the electrical equipment. HORTISENSE increases the yield per m2, without separate systems. HORTISENSE combines all relevant information on grow light processes and the grow light system in one clear, digital platform!

HORTISENSE aims to provide the following functionality:

Light Management

  • Real time monitoring of light levels (Umol)
  • Real time insight in light sum (sun light + supplemental light)
  • Insight in cost per Umol

Asset Performance Management

  • Automatic prevention of overheating of transformers and electrical panels
  • Real time monitoring of power quality and costs
  • Automatic intervention in case of low power quality

Maintenance Management

  • Prediction of remaining life time of lamps
  • Automatic repair alerts transformers & panels
  • Digital service requests
  • My Hortilux: maintenance reports, warranties, technical drawings

Crop Yield Management

  • Digital cultivation schedule
  • Light strategies based on plant physiology and life cycle
  • Automatic light adjustment based on predictive analytics (e.g. weather forecast, energy prices, produce prices)

HORTISENSE is further explained on the Hortilux’s brand new website. Visit www.hortilux.com/en/digital-grow-light-dashboard/