Hortilux nominated for GreenTech Sustainability Award 2019


With its new Hortiled Top 120v19, Hortilux is in the race for GreenTech Sustainability Award 2019. A jury of international experts nominated Hortilux for this prestigious award. And not without reason: with high light output and low energy consumption, the Hortiled Top 120v19 is the most efficient grow light fixture on the market.

The limited energy consumption of the new Hortiled Top 120v19 not only means lower energy costs, but also a location requires less capacity to achieve a higher crop yield. In addition, growers require fewer fixtures to achieve the required light level, meaning increased sustainability.

New applications

The low energy consumption combined with low radiant heat that characterises LED fixtures such as the Hortiled Top 120v19 means new applications for grow light. Higher-intensity lighting can be created, with minimal impact on the greenhouse climate. The lower energy costs also make it cost-effective for growers to make the switch to LED lighting or to a hybrid grow light system (a combination of LED and HPS) – the grower generates a higher yield per square metre, with lower costs. LED lighting is also suitable for crops that need less radiant heat. This has meant increasing interest in using grow light on the part of the ornamental plant cultivation industry and the soft fruit sector.

A different cultivation method

Cultivation under LED lighting is very different to cultivation using HPS fixtures. This is because the energy balance when cultivating with LED lamps is different to cultivating under HPS light. HPS gives off a relatively large amount of radiant heat, while LED chiefly produces grow light, emitting virtually no radiant heat. The lack of radiant heat can have positive or negative effects on production, depending on the crop. The LED light output is monitored by Hortisense grow light software. This software enables the grower to monitor important performance indicators from the cultivation strategy, using this information to adjust the quantity of grow light. The grower can also call on Hortilux’s Growlight Performance Consultants, who assist in interpreting grow light data. The grower can then be sure of making the right decisions for optimal crop results.

Would you like to know more?

Hortilux is happy to give you more information about grow light options. Come and visit us at GreenTech, where you’ll find us in hall 8, booth 433 between 11 and 13 June in RAI Amsterdam. Naturally you’re also welcome to contact us by sending an email to marketing@hortilux.com or phoning +31 (0) 174 286 628.