Hortilux provides grow light for turn-key project Agrokultura Group


Hortilux will provide almost 20.000 pieces of the highly efficient 1000 Watt HSE NXT II fixture to PCF Greenhouse Technologies for the Agrokultura Group project. Agrokultura Group is a new and already leading Russian brand in growing fresh vegetables in greenhouses. The guaranteed year round production, high light levels and light uniformity of Hortilux’ grow light solution impressed both PCF Greenhouse Technologies and their client Agrokultura Group.

In Russia the demand for fresh vegetables is rapidly growing. Agrokultura Group, strategically located only 100 km from Moscow in the Kashira region, is one of the company responding to this development. The company will year round produce highly safe cucumbers and tomatoes in innovative greenhouses with the latest technologies in biological crop protection. In total their greenhouses will cover around 12 ha, all build by PCF Greenhouse Technologies.

Agrokultura Group understands grow light is one of the most important factors in crop growth in a greenhouse. Therefore they have chosen for Hortilux’1000 Watt HSE NXT II fixture with the BETA reflector, which is specifically developed for high-wire crops. Grow light not only influences the productivity of the plants, it also improves the quality of the produce and the organisation of work resulting in a higher yield per m2.

PCF Greenhouse Technologies fully supports the decision of Agrokultura Group for Hortilux. “They are the specialist in grow light solutions for greenhouses. Their engineering and light plans are of high quality and comply with Russian standards and the fixtures are really easy to install”, says Mr. Vladimir Tsanava, General Director of PCF Greenhouse Technologies.

About PCF Greenhouse Technologies

PCF Greenhouse Technologies, found in 2007, was the first supplier of turn-key greenhouse solutions for plastic greenhouses in Russia. Their experience and knowledge helped them to become one of the leading companies in Russia to create and supply total greenhouse projects including all equipment, engineering, installation and project documentation to Russian standards. Their turn-key approach, which is based on the optimal price-quality balance, is very successful in Russia.