Hortilux supplies hybrid grow light installation for Ter Laak’s new greenhouse


Hortilux Schréder and Ter Laak Orchids have partnered in a hybrid grow light installation in Ter Laak’s new 5ha ‘Daylight’ greenhouse. The new build of the ‘Daylight’ greenhouse began last February—it is expected that it will be operational in the summer of 2018. Hortilux will supply a combination of HPS (HSE NXT2 1000W) and LED (HORTILED TOP) grow lights for optimum light exposure for the Phalaenopsis.

Ter Laak Orchids, one of the world’s largest Phalaenopsis growers, has been using a sustainable ‘Daylight’ greenhouse since 2014. They liked it so much that Ter Laak decided to build another sustainable greenhouse of 50,000m2. In the ‘Daylight’ greenhouse maximum energy is saved and an optimal climate is created producing quality plants.

Hortilux advised a grow light installation with the HSE NXT2 1000W and HORTILED Top to make the new greenhouse as sustainable as possible. The Top is the most efficient LED fixture on the market. Thanks to its higher efficiency, the HORTILED Top produces significantly less heat. This makes it possible to light at a higher intensity with a more favorable impact on the greenhouse temperature. The installation with HPS and LED gives the maximum light output and contributes to the corporate social responsibility of the company.

Hortilux will install the hybrid grow light installation at Ter Laak along with their digital platform HORTISENSE® into the new ‘Daylight’ greenhouse. The digital platform will monitor the hybrid grow light installation and increases the yield per m2. The ‘crop’ module will give Ter Laak insight into the total light sum and informs them when the efficiency of the light is the highest. The company can decide, based on this information, to switch on or off certain light sections. Energy will not unnecessarily be used and the yield stays optimal.