Increase your yield per m2 with the new release of HORTISENSE®


The digital platform HORTISENSE®, which was launched the beginning of this year, has a new release. This latest release of HortiSense offers many new functionalities and provides the modern grower with the right tool to increase the yield per m2.

HortiSense is the digital platform which Hortilux has developed for the professional greenhouse market. HortiSense increases the yield per m2 by data-analysis, based on light-, energy and crop management connected to active monitoring of the system. You can access all the relevant information—on any device—from your office, while on the road or at home on the couch.

Hortilux is constantly busy with the optimisation of HortiSense. Every two months a new version, with new and improved functionalities, will be released. The latest release of HortiSense contains the ‘Crop’ module. This module shows the predicted and realized amount of light which the plant has received. A calculation is made based on historical and predicted local solar radiation and tells you how much supplemental light is required. HortiSense displays the decreasing light level over the height of the plant which arises through light interception, with this information the grower can see if too much light has been used. ‘Crop’ informs the grower what the plant needs and if the entered strategy has been followed correctly.

This module gives the grower not only information about light, but also shows the CO² values, the humidity and the ambient temperature in the greenhouse. All in one place.

Hortilux customers already have free access to the ‘Company’ and ‘Services’ HortiSense modules. With this the grower can view and request maintenance and assessment services, and also request repairs. With a single push of a button, the grower has insight into the installed hardware in each lighting section and the corresponding warranty terms. Beside this, all the light sections are displayed in a tailor-made company structure.

HortiSense offers additional modules that can increase the yield per m2. The ‘Grow’ module informs the grower about the light level, gives real time insight in the actual and realized sum of light and the costs per µmol. ‘Grow’ also gives a sunlight prediction over 7days.

The ‘Asset’ module also called ‘security module’, monitors and intervenes when temperatures are too high in the transformers/panels, or in the event of low power grid quality. The grower receives an automatic notification with a deviation. The module also predicts the remaining life cycle of the bulbs.

Hortilux the specialist in grow light solutions, gives the grower the chance to constantly adapt its crop strategy to optimize results. For a limited time, the ‘Crop’ module is included for free when purchasing the ‘Grow’ module.

Test Reports

It is possible to request lamp and reflector assessments online via HortiSense. The results will be showed in a digital report in the ‘Services’ module. The new release makes it possible to compare the different reports, allowing different lighting sections to be compared with each other.


HortiSense is available in Dutch, English and now also in Russian. Additionally, Hortilux has tried to make the digital platform even more user friendly.