LED’S RESEARCH! makes research on LED light recipes easier


Monster, 13 November 2017 – Grow light specialist Hortilux and supplier of cultivation systems Green Simplicity join forces. Under the flag of LED’S RESEARCH!, they are launching multiple plug-and-play systems for research on LED light recipes. The systems are modular and therefore scalable. Professional researchers,breeders and propagators can expand easily and for growers it’s now possible to do their own research.

LED’S RESEARCH! opens possibilities to conduct research on LED grow light on one’s own crop. Until now this was outsourced, or a time demanding and expensive puzzle to combine the right components into a proper research solution, while the light recipe could not be changed afterwards. With the LED’S RESEARCH! systems, this is easily done under one’s own roof with plug-and-play tools. The joint venture offers quality systems, from a movable trolley for an existing environment up to a complete climate chamber with temperature, humidity and CO2 control. All solutions are suitable for vertical farming.

The core of LED’S RESEARCH! is formed by the HORTILED Multi® 4DIM fixture with Climate Interface app. With this combination, it’s possible to create every light recipe in a single fixture. It’s even possible to adjust per color and even per micromole. A variable spectrum during the day is also possible, for specific crops. Control of the LED grow light and climate is easily done with the included tablet with Climate Interface app. Thanks to the clear interface, the researcher knows exactly at any given moment how much micromole of a certain color (wavelength) his crop receives and in which conditions. Measuring afterwards is no longer necessary.

With Hortilux’s and Green Simplicity’s expertise in grow light and cultivation systems, LED’S RESEARCH! offers a unique combination to conduct proper research. Besides offering hardware and software, they can also guide the research to get the best results, thanks to the broad knowledge of both companies.

For more information on LED’S RESEARCH! solutions, visit www.leds-research.com or send an e-mail to info@leds-research.com