New Hortilux grow light system enables phased investment in LED


Growers who invest in LED usually make the decision to add LED grow light to an existing HPS grow light installation. Because energy prices are skyrocketing and have a major impact on the company's returns serves as an added incentive. In fact, the sooner the switch to LED is made, the better. However, many growers balk at making the investment required to purchase an LED grow light system.

Until now, growers who wanted to invest in LED only had two options to choose from:

1.   Maintaining light intensity and saving energy
2.   Steady energy input and increasing the light intensity

The first option can be appealing, as it means that energy is saved and the investment is relatively small. The second option gives the opportunity to intensify, given that the light intensity is increased, but this comes with by relatively high investment costs.
However, it is often difficult to choose between option 1 and option 2, especially in the light of the current energy prices, and growers often desire flexibility.

For this reason, Hortilux has developed an LED grow light system that supports the technical aspects of a phased investment in LED. It involves the following phases:

Phase 1: Hortilux’s unique grow light design means that HPS fixtures can be replaced by an LED grow light system without compromising on light output. At the same time, energy savings can be made. A single 1000-Watt HPS connection is sufficient to realise this first step. It allows the grower to keep a 1000-Watt connection ‘free’ for the future.

Phase 2: In this phase it is possible to expand on phase 1, and a grower can increase the light intensity without needing to replace the LED grow light system they invested in earlier. The grower simply adds a second LED grow light system via the 1000-Watt HPS connection that is still available. In fact, the grower can use the saving on energy costs made thanks to the investment in phase 1 to realise phase 2 and further increase the light intensity in their greenhouse.

With this Hortilux provides some flexibility, as well as the ability to respond to the current uncertainties in the energy market. Designing a light plan can determine exactly what the options are based on the grower’s individual situation.

Optimal light distribution and high efficiency

Hortilux LED solutions are not only versatile, but are also among the most efficient grow light systems on the market. Hortilux’s latest LED grow light systems are twice as efficient as an HPS grow light system. In addition, when developing its LED grow light systems, Hortilux chose to distribute the grow light over multiple LED light sources. This results in better light reception for both high-wire crops and ornamental plants, and guarantees the highest efficiency from a micromole of PAR light. It is also important to choose the right reflector for the HPS system. This is often one with a narrow angle. This reflector also ensures better light penetration in high-wire crops, assuring the grower of consistently high production and quality.

Advice on the correct heat balance and light recipes

When upgrading from an HPS grow light system to a hybrid or full-LED system, it is essential to monitor the heat balance in the greenhouse. This balance has an impact on crop development, evaporation from the crop, and the energy input into the greenhouse. Hortilux’s Grow Light Performance Consultants are able to give the grower insight into the resulting heat balance using the Hortilux scenario calculation model. They also assist growers with proven grow light recipes suited to the cultivation objectives and the crop. This can be supported by a field trial.

Meeting requirements for subsidy opportunities

Hortilux is keen to help growers reduce the up-front investment in LED even further where possible, for example by making sure that a grow light solution meets the requirements for potential government subsidies.

Would you like to know more?

We are happy to share the product specifications with you. For this you can contact your Area Sales Manager. Your Hortilux contact person uses a calculation and lighting plan to provide insight into what a phased investment in LED will mean for you. You can also request a product brochure using the form below. In the brochure you will find more information about the product properties and the various configuration options.