PCF Greenhouse Technologies - Russia's leading company for the design, construction and engineering support of greenhouse complexes - is implementing a number of greenhouse complex construction projects in Russia in 2020.

According to General Director Vladimir Tsanava, it is very important for the company to have a reliable supplier of lighting equipment, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year has been a test of strength for many manufacturers. Hortilux is our longstanding partner, on whom we can rely in any situation”, said Mr. Tsanava. This year alone, Hortilux supplied over 27,000 HPS fixtures  for the greenhouse complex being built in the Moscow Region for the company Agrokultura Group.

Hortilux’s horticultural lighting is specially designed for growing crops in greenhouses and indoor farming facilities. The company provides LED-, HPS- and hybrid grow light solutions as well as advice, consultancy and knowledge sharing to get the maximum result out of the use of grow light.

The main focus of this project was on the correct positioning of the fixtures  as well as the selection of the reflector in order to  achieve optimal distribution of light in the greenhouse. These specs are the result of a thoroughly engineered light plan, ensuring the highest yield per m2 and the most efficient use of the grow light installation. Another important criterion for the success of the cooperation between the companies is continuity of supply and strict compliance with the agreed delivery dates.

“It is no secret that in the current situation of global pandemic when companies around the world experience the constrains of the need to comply with quarantine measures not all manufacturers appear capable of meeting the challenge of maintaining the agreed delivery schedules. Nevertheless, Hortilux has proved to be able to meet its obligations to deliver the required volume of fixtures on time. This is one of those companies that really ensure that all shipments are delivered on time also during the pandemic”, confirms Mikhail Grachev, Head of Foreign Trade Department at PCF Greenhouse Technologies .

In the agrarian sector of the Russian economy, there have been stable positive trends towards an increase in the production of its own vegetable products in greenhouses. Hortilux’ grow light solutions and knowledge are helpful to achieve these goals in the Russian market.