Ready to take the use of grow light to the next level? Hortilux can lend a helping hand!


As a grower, you want to use your grow light as efficiently as possible and get the most out of your installation. However, the necessary knowledge is essential. Hortilux's new Grow Light Performance Consultants can help you with this, giving you as a grower access to the knowledge and experience that Hortilux has in-house. The consultants also provide support in using our digital platform, HortiSense.

Grow Light Performance Consultants: sparring partners for entrepreneurs

At Hortilux it’s all about putting the customer first. That means that we, the grow light specialists, use our knowledge and experience to assist our customers. For this reason, we recently appointed two Grow Light Performance Consultants, Stéphane André and Hans de Vries. They support growers in achieving the most efficient possible use of their grow lights. “Our advice to growers is based on two principles”, says De Vries. “On the one hand, we work with the grower to look at how the grow light can make the biggest possible contribution to achieving the growing objectives; for example, maximising production. In other words: how do you get the most out of the light that you put into the plant? And when, for example, is the best time to turn the lights on and off? It’s also important to carry out regular maintenance on the installation, so that it’s always performing optimally. If you let the maintenance slide, it can literally cost you a lot of light – and therefore money. We focus on that too. We also supervise tests at the customer’s premises, for example to test a new lighting recipe or a combination of HPS and LED lighting.”

Support in using HortiSense

The Grow Light Performance Consultants also provide growers with support in using HortiSense. HortiSense is Hortilux’s digital platform, aimed at increasing the efficiency, operational reliability and targeting of grow light use. In this way HortiSense helps growers to get more out of their grow light installation and crop, and to optimise yields per square metre. “HortiSense contains a wealth of data, so you can monitor your grow light installation,” Stéphane André says. “What’s crucial is that you interpret the data correctly, and also consider trends and developments over a longer period of time. We provide support in this; we work with growers to see what could be improved. The entrepreneur then adjusts his or her cultivation decisions accordingly. In short: we can take the grow light installation’s performance, and with it the customer’s cultivation and operational management, to a higher level. HortiSense is a valuable tool in this process.”

Grow light sparring partners

The frequency with which the Grow Light Performance Consultants come to consult at a company depends on the customer’s wishes. “We usually help growers on their way when they start working with HortiSense, and after that we visit them on site a few times a year. We then take a careful look at the data and developments, and identify areas where there’s room for improvement. But it’s entirely up to the grower; different entrepreneurs have different consultancy needs. The same thing applies here: we put the customer first.”

More information?

Entrepreneurs who would like to know more about how the Grow Light Performance Consultants can help them can contact Stéphane Andre, 06-10282335 or, and Hans de Vries, 06-57011488 or