Research LED lighting for soft fruit | Strawberry Demoday


With the right LED light recipe, you can achieve remarkable results with soft fruit.

Grow light is still rarely used in soft fruit like strawberries and blackberries. It’s often difficult to achieve a good business case with HPS, because the season is short and the grower has to make profit with few kilos. The cost of usage (electricity) doesn’t always outweigh the benefits.

With LED, it becomes far more interesting: lower energy costs can have a postive effect, making growing year round possible. Besides that, the right spectrum can have a positive effect on flower creation and fruit development. So research offers chances!

Curious to the possibilities? Visit Hortilux and Green Simplicity during the Strawberry Demoday (Aardbeien Demodag) by ZLTO and Delphy on 6 September at Lemmen Aardbeien in Egchel, The Netherlands. We’ll be showing all the possibilities of the LED Research Trolley. See you there!