Hortilux shares knowledge in 'Medicinal Cannabis Mastercourse'


Medicinal cannabis cultivation is now permitted in an increasing number of European countries, meaning that cultivation of this crop is also likely to grow considerably. As a result, more and more growers and investors are seeking new and efficient ways of cultivating larger quantities of high-quality medicinal cannabis. Grow light plays an important role, and Hortilux is pleased to give you more information about the possibilities.

Grow light specialist Hortilux earned its spurs in Europe with interesting medicinal cannabis projects. Hortilux also has a sister company in North America that has years of experience in using grow light for medicinal cannabis cultivation. Hortilux is keen to share the knowledge and experience it has acquired, which is why the company will be taking part in Jungle Talks’ Cannabis Mastercourse, to be held in the first two weeks of June. Hortilux consultants will be teaching at the ‘Pro Manager Medicinal Cannabis Mastercourse‘. Growers and investors from North America, Africa and Europe will be taking part in this masterclass. Various demo setups are used to give the participants insight into the options available. Various questions are also discussed. What are the challenges involved in medicinal cannabis cultivation? Which factors are important to the grow light cultivation business case? And which light regimes are suitable for growing medicinal cannabis?

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about using grow light effectively for medicinal cannabis? Registration for the masterclass is now closed, but Hortilux is happy to give you more information about the possibilities that grow light offers. Come and visit us at GreenTech, where you’ll find us in hall 8, booth 433 between 11 and 13 June in RAI Amsterdam. Naturally you’re also welcome to contact us by sending an email to marketing@hortilux.com or phoning +31 (0) 174 286 628.