Full LED grow light system for energy-saving and sustainable cultivation!

Governments, retail chains and consumers see great importance in sustainably produced food. Energy saving plays a large part in this, which is why energy-efficient grow light systems are essential. With the current energy costs, it also directly contributes to improving financial returns for your company. That is why we help you with the transition to Full LED: with our advice, services and HORTILED® grow light systems you can achieve higher production while saving energy!



Case: Tomato cultivation with Full LED grow light

Hagdorn Tomaten is one of the first tomato growers to successfully switch to Full LED with the HORTILED® Top Intense grow light system. Our grow light specialists provide maximum support in this and together with the entrepreneur and his crop advisor we choose the optimal lighting strategy. We also encourage knowledge sharing between Hagdorn Tomatoes and other growers who are starting with Full LED grow light. In addition we share our experiences from the various practical trials we have done.

Case: Pot lilies with Full LED grow light

Wetering Potlilium grows as customer-specific as possible and therefore wants to prevent plant deviations. This makes it important to have as many buttons as possible to turn and thus produce the right plant for the customer. And because LED absorbs less energy than HPS luminaires, they are more resistant to the extreme price increases of energy. Read more…


The optimal plant balance for your crop

The switch to a Full LED grow light system means a system change in your greenhouse where you are looking for the right plant balance. As an implementation partner of Plant Empowerment, we can also assist you in this. The advisors of the various implementation partners of Plant Empowerment work closely together and offer a broad customized approach in the field of lighting, screening, biology, fertigation and climate. Of course in collaboration with you and your crop advisor.



Our LED solutions are among the most efficient grow light systems on the market. The latest HORTILED® grow light systems are even twice as efficient as an HPS grow light system. In addition, when developing our LED grow light systems, we have chosen to divide the grow light over several LED light sources. This results in better light reception for both high-wire crops and ornamental crops. And this guarantees the highest efficiency from a micromole of PAR light and a consistently high production and quality.



Monitoring the heat balance in the greenhouse is essential when upgrading from an HPS grow light system to a full-LED system. This balance affects crop development, evaporation of the crop and the energy input into the greenhouse. Our Grow Light Consultants provide insight into the resulting heat balance by means of the scenario calculation model. In addition, we help you on your way with proven grow light recipes that suit your cultivation goals and crop. A practical trial to support this is optional.


Want to know more?

You can contact your Area Sales Manager. With a calculation and lighting plan, we show how a Full LED lighting system can benefit you and tell you everything about the technical possibilities for a phased investment and the connection to possible subsidies and financing solutions. You can also request a product brochure with more information about our HORTILED® grow light systems and the various configuration options using the form below.