• Digital grow light solutions
  • Full control, anytime, anywhere

Hortilux introduces HORTISENSE; digital grow light solutions that increase the efficiency and reliability of your grow light system.
HORTISENSE is a digital platform that monitors and safe guards various grow light processes in the greenhouse through the use of sensors and PLC’s. The HORTISENSE software applications interpret the data and present it to the grower as relevant information. The grower can see the information on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Grow management & Crop strategy

  • Light levels in µmol
  • Real-time insight on sunlight & grow light and the sum of light
  • Realised sum of light
  • Light extinction in the crop
  • Insight in costs per µmol
  • Prediction of sunlight up to 7 days
  • Real-time monitoring of crop strategy displayed in visuals and graphs
  • Assimilate production of crop
  • Efficient use of offered grow light


Asset & Energy control

  • Automatic monitoring and surveillance of overheating of transformers and panels
  • Automatic monitoring and surveillance of power quality
  • Notification of deviations
  • Prediction of the remaining lifetime of a light bulb



  • Request of & insight to maintenance and measurement services
  • Request repairs
  • Automatically carrying out of recurring measurement services
  • Planning overview and implementation notification



  • Insight on technical drawings
  • Overview of your light plans and company structure
  • Warranty terms per light section
  • Information about the installed components
  • Digital reports of requested measurement services




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