Expert services and maintenance

  • Certified assessment services
  • Extend the life span of your system

To ensure minimum down time of your grow light system and optimal output of bulbs and reflectors, we recommend regular maintenance and assessment services. This will also extend the life span of your systems and components.

Operational maintenance

Hortilux offers you the best maintenance for your system. Professional and certified check ups and assessments help you keep your grow light system in optimal shape. We designed our systems and fixtures to enable quick and easy maintenance and replacement of components.

Extensive assessment services

To ensure an optimum performance of all parts of your system, we offer extensive assessment services. We have a certified and calibrated lab to assess the efficiency and output of your bulbs and reflectors. Our engineers are certified to assess your switching panels and transformers or main distributors. We also provide onsite light output and distribution assessments, analysis of power quality, power analysers and insurance check-ups.

For your reference we give you an overview of our services:

  • Bulb assessment
  • Reflector assessment
  • Quick scan switching panels
  • Quick scan transformer or main distributor
  • Inspection grow light installation
  • Reinspection grow light installation
  • Capacitor inspection
  • Power report
  • Quick scan power quality
  • Onsite light distribution check
  • Log electronic fixtures


Click here for the troubleshooting guide for HSE and NXT fixtures