Grow light for indoor farming

The increase in world population and the ever-increasing scarcity of agricultural land mean that new cultivation methods must be found. This has led to an increase in the popularity of indoor farming. Layered cultivation, combined with LED lighting, uses the limited space effectively. In addition, external factors (such as daylight and temperature) no longer have an impact: the conditions in the space are always the same, meaning that the standard delivered is constant.

Hortilux works with Green Simplicity to design indoor farming solutions. These solutions use the HORTILED Multi, a LED fixture specially developed for lighting crops cultivated in multiple layers, growth chambers, climate chambers, tissue culture and research situations.

Light colours

Each HORTILED Multi fixture can be supplied in one light colour or in a combination of colours. When one colour per fixture is chosen, dimming according to light colour is an option. The colour spectrum, light intensity and lighting time can be controlled using the specially developed HORTILED Dimcontroller.

Would you like more information on the indoor farming possibilities?

Kurt Zwemstra

Area Sales Manager Benelux (flowers)