Knowledge sessions and mastercourses

What is grow light? How is it measured? What exactly is a spectrum, and what do we mean by wavelengths? Many growers still have little insight into these themes, although they are of great added value to the production process. Our consultants work with you in special knowledge sessions and mastercourses to zoom in on these themes. This will enable you to take your grow light knowledge to the next level. Our specialists can give more information on the following grow light topics:


  • What is (grow) light?
  • The roles of the various colours of light
  • The properties of light sources
  • How do you measure light?

We are able to tackle the various grow light topics on various levels, depending on your organisation’s needs. We can also cover multiple topics in a single knowledge session. In short: knowledge sessions are fully tailored to your specific information needs!


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We can provide our advice and research service based on your specific wishes. For a first impression of the possibilities, you can request a brochure using the form below. Is your objective not listed here? No problem, our services are aimed at meeting your specific needs. So feel free to contact us for the possibilities!