Knowledge sessions and mastercourses

Grow light technology is developing rapidly. New light recipes, reduced energy consumption, and less radiant heat are just a few of the aspects that are leading growers to rethink grow light use. What might these developments mean for your crop? And even better: what could they mean for your business?


Growers want to know more about cultivation using new grow light technology, or want to make smarter use of the existing technology.

Even the biggest and most acclaimed growers want to further optimise the light recipe or cultivation formula cultivation for their crop and their situation. For this reason, we now share more and more knowledge. We do this in a number of ways including through knowledge events, where we talk through the latest developments with our clients and discuss new insights.

On delivery of a grow light system, we provide our clients with mastercourses on grow light. Another thing we do is share knowledge on grow light with our clients’ cultivation managers in masterclasses, and participate in Jungle Talks’ masterclasses. Growers have many questions about the lighting strategy for their crops in their own greenhouses; we use customer-specific consulting processes for these situations.

Would you like more information? Please contact:

Stéphane André

Consultant Grow Light Performance

Hans de Vries

Consultant Grow Light Performance