0% Failure rate with Hortilux
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27 June 2017

0% Failure rate with Hortilux

Hortilux Schréder B.V. is expanding its market position on the Russian market. So far the company has sold 111ha of grow light in 2017. More and more greenhouses are opting for the high quality of the Hortilux products. Just like LLC “Tyumen Agro”, where Hortilux installed 10,000 fixtures in 2016. After a full year of production, no lamp failures were found in the Hortilux section at LLC “Tyumen Agro”!

LLC “TyumenAgro” uses fixtures from different manufacturers in different sections of their site. In 2016 Hortilux supplied 10,000 fixtures of the HSE NXT II, 1000Watt with BETA reflector and they achieved some superior results. During routine maintenance work the engineers have not found any failures in the Hortilux section! None of the 10,000 lamps needed replacement and only 5 ballast showed a failure after 2,000 running hours in the cucumber area and 3,000 running hours in the tomato area.

Greenhouse Growth Technologies (GGT) is one of the biggest investors in the greenhouse industry in Russia nowadays. GGT has realized 3 greenhouse projects in Russia: LLC “Lukhovitskie Ovoshi” – 12 ha in Moscow region, LLC “Donskaya Usadba” – 14 ha in Rostov region, LLC “TyumenAgro” – 17 ha in Tyumen region. Based on the experience of their collaboration with Hortilux on the Lukhovitsy project, GGT decided to collaborate  with Hortilux again for their Tyumen Agro project in 2016.