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12 May 2020

Choosing the right grow light system is often quite a quest

Why do growers use grow light, and how does this light contribute to achieving their cultivation goals? That was the key question in a survey that Hortilux conducted across 130 businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. The results have now been compiled into a knowledge document. The main conclusion: for many growers, choosing the right grow light system is still quite a quest.

Hortilux has been a leading player in the grow light market for more than 40 years. The company provides customised grow light solutions suited to the challenges and goals of the individual grower. At Hortilux we use our many years of knowledge and experience to help our customers progress and to optimise the performance of their grow light systems, crops, and thus their businesses.

130 growers have their say

With this background, we at Hortilux think it's important to achieve more insight into the reasons why growers use grow light, and how this light contributes to achieving their cultivation goals. To find out, Hortilux surveyed 130 growers: 100 Dutch growers, and 30 from other countries.


Most of the participants grow pot plants/cut flowers (almost 45%) or greenhouse vegetables (more than 50%). The other respondents work in breeding and propagation (more than 2%) or medicinal cannabis (more than 1.5%).


The highest proportion of respondents (32%) cultivated on less than 1 hectare of land. Growers with an acreage of 1 to 5 hectares (27%) or 5 to 10 hectares (almost 20%) of land were also well-represented.

The responses has been compiled in a knowledge document. This document gives a good picture of growers' experiences with HPS, LED  and hybrid grow light systems. Hortilux's consultants explain the results and put them into perspective.

A voyage of discovery

Grow light is an important way for growers to increase yield per square metre and improve product quality – but better crop and labour planning and delivery reliability are also good reasons to work with grow light.
The research also shows that LED is surely emerging. Benefits mentioned include increased production, better quality, and faster cultivation. It should be noted that the added value of LED varies greatly from crop to crop. For these reasons, cultivation under LED is still a voyage of discovery for many growers. In any case, many growers find choosing the right grow light system difficult. In many cases grow light offers added value, but choosing the right system can be quite a quest. In the knowledge document, growers of a range of crops give insight into their own quest. Which grow light system would they choose with the knowledge they have today? What is the payback period? And what experiences have they had with LED and hybrid grow light systems? 

Request the knowledge document

You can request the knowledge document on this website. But Hortilux is keen to share relevant insights with you in other ways too. After downloading the knowledge document, you will receive a knowledge article on an aspect of grow light use once every few weeks. These articles take a closer look at the issues raised in the knowledge document and/or offer concrete ideas for optimal use of your grow light installation. 

Would you like more information on the knowledge document and the grow light possibilities for your crop?

Hortilux's account manager and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. For more information, please contact Paul van der Valk ( p.vandervalk@hortilux.com /+31 651605780)