Agro-Industrial Holding, ECO-Culture, is constructing 185.6ha of greenhouses in Russia with Hortilux fixtures.
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10 August 2017

ECO-Culture opts for reliability and time management

Agro-Industrial Holding, ECO-Culture, will triple the number of hectares of greenhouses they build in 2017 compared to 2016! The company is building another 185.6ha of greenhouses in two different locations in Russia. Reliability and time management is one of the most important factors for them with projects likes this which is why they have chosen to collaborate with Hortilux Schréder B.V. once again, based on the complete service solution—from the beginning to the end of the project— that Hortilux offers.

In 2016 ECO-Culture had already built 20ha of the year round production greenhouses with the high-tech grow light system and in November 2017 the first stages will be operational at the TK Ovoschi Chernozemya (30ha) and TK Solnechny Dar (25ha) projects. At both locations the company will be growing tomatoes. In 2016 ECO-Culture and Hortilux started their collaboration on the Ovoschi Stavropoliya project, where 20ha of greenhouses were supplied with the HSE NXT2 1000W with Beta reflector. The company was so impressed with the professional approach and the quality of the products that Hortilux offered, that they decided to extend the collaboration to the new greenhouses in 2017.

ECO-Culture explains: “With the current prices for tomatoes in Russia, time management is everything for us. It is very important that the tomato grow can start on time so the production targets can be met. Hortilux offered us impeccable service from the beginning all the way to the end of the build”. The company has again opted for the NXT2 1000W BETA reflector as this grow light gives them the optimum light level the tomato plants need in order to optimise its harvest.

About AIH “ECO-Culture”

Agro-industrial holding “ECO-Culture” is one of the biggest greenhouse producers of quality tomatoes with production facilities located in the Stavropol region (72ha) and the Leningrad region (7ha) of combined modern greenhouses and a large packing and distribution centre.