HORTISENSE® calculates the light efficiency of the net assimilates production
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26 July 2017

Excessive lighting belongs in the past

The latest release of HORTISENSE® shows the efficiency of the total amount of light (natural and artificial) delivered to the crop (in µmol/m²/s) on the net assimilates production. Too much light is not good for a plant, and too little, even less so. With this new tool in HortiSense, the grower can immediately see how efficiently the greenhouse grow lights are operating. Based on this information, the grower can decide to switch on/off parts of the lighting sections.

Hortilux understands the needs of its customers and tries to make their work as easy as possible. The cost of running a greenhouse is enormous, which is why the company developed HortiSense as a tool for the grower to be as efficient as possible regarding the use of artificial light.

HortiSense calculates the efficiency of a crop—given the measured PAR value at the crop canopy, the temperature, and CO2 level in a greenhouse section. HortiSense also calculates the efficiency for other PAR values, given the current temperature and CO2 level. In this way you can see what the efficiency would be when you increase or decrease the amount of artificial light. Most people think that when plants get more light the efficiency increases, however this is only until a certain amount of µmol. As the plant needs a part of the assimilates for ‘maintenance’ it is only at a certain light intensity that the plant produces net assimilates, which are available for growth of the plant and fruits. There is, however, a turning point when more light decreases the efficiency. A lower efficiency means higher energy costs per kilogram of the end product. Therefore the grower can decide to switch off parts of the lighting section(s). With HortiSense the grower can immediately see how efficiently the greenhouse is producing. Switching off lights can mean lower energy cost and a more efficient production!

In addition to the light efficiency tool, it is now also possible to use HortiSense on your mobile device. On the couch, in bed or at the gym the grower is able to see all the information of its greenhouse on the mobile and request measurement services or repairs, anytime, anywhere.


HortiSense is the digital platform which Hortilux has developed for the professional greenhouse market. HortiSense increases the yield per m2 by data-analysis, based on light-, energy and crop management connected to active monitoring of the system. You can access all the relevant information on any device from your office, while on the road or at home on the couch.

Want to use the light efficiency tool or one of the other options HortiSense has to offer? Please contact info@hortisense.com for more information.