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VIDEO: Sharing knowledge on grow lights in Medicinal Cannabis Mastercourse

Last week Hortilux participated in the Pro Manager Mastercourse Cannabis. This program, organized by Jungle Talks, made it possible for a group a young entrepreneurs from cannabis companies world wide to meet the horticultural captains of industry in the Netherlands.


As a renowned specialist in grow light, Hortilux invited the group for an interactive meeting in the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. There they discussed the latest developments and visited both a greenhouse and a climate cell with actual grow lights. 


Sharing knowledge

Commercial Director Michèl de Wit of Hortilux welcomed the participants and introduced them to the company. He indicated that he highly values the mastercourse. “We strongly believe that knowledge sharing should be the key driver for our company’s strategy. We really want to invest in sharing all the knowledge we have in the grow light domain and doing that in a platform like the mastercourse is highly relevant for us.” 

Paul van der Valk, Area Sales Manager Europe at Hortilux, shared and discussed figures and results of the use of growth light. Comparing two growing circumstances: with daylight and without daylight. ‘The end conclusion was that there will be different solutions for growing with daylight and without daylight. When growing in a greenhouse, the differences between HPS, LED and hybrid are not that big, but HPS will be the cheapest way of lightning.’  

Hans de Vries, Consultant Grow Light Performance at Hortilux, presented several theses. The high level of knowledge among the participants surprised him. ‘The most interesting for me was that they were all open and willing to share knowledge and that they see that as a way to move forward with their business.’ 


Leader in grow light

All participants were enthusiastic about the meeting at the World Horti Center. And they look forward to working together with Hortilux. Jenn Ayotte from Wayland Group in Canada: ‘I believe that the technological advancements of Hortilux as well as their willingness to collaborate with the cannabis industry and to actively engage in research, will put them as a leader in grow light fixture.’ 


More information?

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