The growing recipe for your multi-layer cultivation

The HORTILED® Multi Fusion is the ideal grow light solution for your multi-layer crop, and helps you to achieve your business’s sustainability goals. The high efficiency of up to 3.1 µmol/J means a large energy saving, while the low radiant heat reduces the need for ventilation to outside the greenhouse. In addition, the HORTILED® Multi Fusion has been completely developed and manufactured at Hortilux’s Dutch production site, contributing to a shorter logistics chain.

When developing the HORTILED® Multi Fusion, we not only looked at the best technical properties of the grow light system, but – in collaboration with customers and partners – also at the optimal and most profitable light recipes for various multi-layer crops. Thanks to this integrated way of thinking and ‘fusion’ with different cultivation aspects, you get the optimal growth recipe for your multi-layer cultivation.


The HORTILED® Multi Fusion offers high light output with high energy savings, and its technical design guarantees consistently high production and quality. In addition, the HORTILED® Multi Fusion has the unique feature of connecting a large number of light sources together, creating optimal light distribution across the entire length of your greenhouse. This grow light system is designed to be an integral part of your multi-layer cultivation. There are various ways to achieve your business and cultivation goals, and we always select the most cost-effective and sturdy solution. We use your requirements and situation to create a light plan that maximises the efficiency of the HORTILED® Multi Fusion while achieving your cultivation and business objectives.


The HORTILED® Multi Fusion offers many options for precision control of your crop due to the extensive choice of unique light recipes and the relationship with the greenhouse layout and climate. You can serve your local market even better or optimally meet the needs of a new market. We would be happy to look at the optimal light recipes for your cultivation objectives together with you and your crop advisor. Our consultants and partners advise the best and most economical solution for your company. In order to achieve your objectives, we always start with a conversation about your wishes and (greenhouse) situation. Based on this conversation, we advise on the right light recipe and the corresponding light intensity, possibly in combination with a light and crop test. This approach ensures that the use of grow light is always in line with your wishes and the cultivation goals for different crop types and growth stages.


Growers often see the many benefits of LED grow light, but also point out that the purchase costs of LED grow light systems are higher. We are therefore happy to think along with you. For example, we can have a grow light solution match the conditions that apply to a possible subsidy application. This makes the pre-investment of your new LED grow light system even more attractive.


The new HORTILED® Multi Fusion is among the top of the market in terms of performance and also has a favorable price. We are happy to share the product specifications with you. You can contact your Area Sales Manager for this. The Area Sales Manager provides insight into what this new grow light system will mean for you with a calculation and lighting plan. You can also request a product brochure using the form below. In the brochure you will find more information about the product features.