Hortiled Multi

The HORTILED Multi has been specially developed for lighting crops that are grown in several layers, growth chambers, air-conditioned containers, tissue cultivation and research situations.

Power 75 Watt

Power consumption per HORTILED Multi. The power consumption can vary based on the selected version.

Input 230 Volt

Suitable for 230 Volt. Other voltages possible.

Various spectra

Every desired colour spectrum can be designed tailor-made


Also available in a dimmable version.

Distance to crop

These luminaires are designed for low mounting heights up to 20 cm above the crop

Passive cooling

Fixtures are made of aluminum enclosures with smart cooling fins. This passive cooling extends the durability of the fixture.

IP Value 66

These fixtures can withstand rainstorms according to IP66

Easy to install

Equipped with high-quality connectors for easy installation.

Highest efficiency HORTILED

Multi is the ideal LED fixture for multi-layer cultivation and dimmable experimental set-ups and delivers the highest efficiency on the market. Efficiency levels of up to 2.5 µmol/J can be achieved, depending on the light spectrum. This makes the HORTILED Multi 60% more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting.

80° and 150° beam

The HORTILED Multi is available in 2 lengths: 120 cm and 150 cm. Both formats can be supplied with an 80° or 150° beam, enabling you to choose between outstanding uniformity and good light penetration into the crop. You can select the ideal beam to suit your set-up and the crop.

Low and full output

The HORTILED Multi is available in two light output versions: low and full output. The low output version (from 50 µmol/m2s) is normally used in situations with a restricted height. Full output is the best choice in situations where a high light intensity is needed (intensity up to 1500 µmol/m2s is possible). Overall, full output gives the highest µmol/Joule output of all comparable products on the market.

Wide colour spectra

The HORTILED Multi can be supplied with a wide range of colour spectra. The right colour spectrum and optimum configuration in each fixture are determined by the crop, the set-up and the specific crop/colour spectrum requirement. A customised colour spectrum can be developed at project level.

Continuously dimmable

Each HORTILED Multi fixture can be supplied with one light colour or a combination of colours. If you choose one colour per fixture, dimming of each light colour is available as an option. The colour spectrum, light intensity and lighting time can be controlled using the specially developed HORTILED Dimcontroller. This is a handy Dali module with a touchscreen which allows the colour spectrum to be adjusted very easily in 5% increments (from 5 to 100%) to suit any conceivable situation.

Easy to install

The HORTILED Multi is a very handy fixture which is easy to install thanks to an integrated, pluggable 230 V connection within the fixture. The dimmable fixtures have a 5-pole Wieland connector and the non-dimmable fixtures have a 3-pole Wieland connector.