Grow light for research and propagation

There are a range of reasons for growers and seed propagators to use grow light. The use of grow light in breeding and propagation businesses brings benefits like year-round production, more uniform plant quality throughout the year, and better induction during the breeding process. It also creates better growing conditions, enabling more specific crop steering and faster seed-to-seed cultivation.

For growers, seed propagators and researchers, investigating whether varieties do better under grow light is often a relevant point. The development of new grow light technologies – such as LED lighting and hybrid lighting (a combination of LED and HPS) – has created new possibilities. For example, increased light intensity can be achieved with less energy consumption, and radiant heat can be limited. In addition, more variable and controllable light spectrums can be used. This is especially useful when conducting research.

More knowledge

New grow light technologies have resulted in many new possibilities, in turn creating a need for more knowledge on using grow light. Which light recipe will give my crop stronger roots? Which light spectrum is the best one to use to steer my crop? How can I ensure that the leaf temperature of young plants doesn’t increase?

Hortilux’s account managers and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. You can take advantage of the knowledge and experience that Hortilux and its partners possess. After installing your grow system, we continue to support you by proactively providing service and maintenance, and through the use of the HortiSense Digital Grow Light Dashboard.

Would you like to know more about using grow light? Please don’t hesitate to contact:

Kurt Zwemstra

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