Researching the ideal light spectrum

The developments seen in LED and hybrid grow light systems make it clear that growers are seeking the ideal LED spectrums for their crops. They want to achieve a higher light intensity, without increased energy costs or additional radiant heat. When using LED grow light, growers often see new opportunities for their crops. Reasons for choosing LED include the ability to continue lighting for longer, increased ability to steer on crop characteristics, less need for chemical growth regulators, and more consistent production.

What we do for growers

There are various ways that we help growers and growers’ unions to find the ideal spectrum. Our consultants play an important role in this. In addition, we work with various research institutions and partners, such as Green Simplicity, and we use our own LED fixtures (either with or without variable light spectrum). Thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge and network, we are often able to provide appropriate advice based on your objectives.


It may also be that research is still required to determine the correct spectrum. In that case, the test method chosen depends on the ultimate application. When you will be carrying out cultivation in a daylight-free environment, spectrum research is carried out in a daylight-free environment too. In the event of lighting in a greenhouse, it’s better to perform a trial within the existing production environment. For example, our consultants can provide support and guidance in designing the trial and testing feasibility, and can share relevant knowledge through a masterclass or assist in analysing the data measured.


If, once testing is concluded, you have achieved the desired result, we will work together to consider the financial feasibility of the light recipe. In short: we consider the yield per square metre in relation to the energy consumption costs and the investment in the light source.

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Stéphane André

Consultant Grow Light Performance

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Consultant Grow Light Performance