Researching the ideal light spectrum

With the development of LED and hybrid (a combination of LED and HPS) grow light systems, there is a great need for the ideal spectrum for each crop. Reasons for choosing LED include the ability to extend lighting periods, increase steering on crop characteristics, reduce the use of chemical growth regulators, and more consistent production.

How do we support you?

There are various ways we help you to determine the ideal spectrum. We always start with your objective. The reasons for using a grow light system can be roughly divided into two groups, namely production and/or steering light. Thanks to our experience, our knowledge and our network, we are often able to offer an appropriate light recipe that is fully tailored to your objectives.


How we work

  1. Formulate research question / objective
  2. Create a trial setup
  3. Carry out and supervise trial
  4. Final report and evaluation

If testing produces the desired result, then together we will determine the financial feasibility of the light recipe. To do so we consider the yield in relation to the costs per square metre (energy consumption and the investment in the light source).

If, once testing is concluded, you have achieved the desired result, we will work together to consider the financial feasibility of the light recipe. In short: we consider the yield per square metre in relation to the energy consumption costs and the investment in the light source.


Request brochure

We can provide our advice and research service based on your specific wishes. For a first impression of the possibilities, you can request a brochure using the form below. Is your objective not listed here? No problem, our services are aimed at meeting your specific needs. So feel free to contact us for the possibilities!