HORTILED® Top Explore

HORTILED Top Explore is the new 1050W research fixture for testing light recipes in production environments, instead of laboratory setups. All colors can be adjusted in the software down to the μmol, which offers endless possibilities when creating light recipes. The grower or researcher therefore knows exactly how each spectrum will perform in the greenhouse or an R&D facility. No more surprises when transitioning from theory to practice!

The transition to hybrid LED or full LED raises many questions, including in the areas of investment security, energy savings, system and spectrum choice. In addition, growing under LED requires additional but also different knowledge. As a knowledge partner in the field of grow light, we help growers to successfully make the transition to LED.

The perfect solution

The HORTILED Top Explore is the perfect solution for making the right decision when switching to LED. Any desired light recipe can be created accurately at any time at the touch of a button in the software interface. Blue, green, red and far-red can be individually adjusted down to the μmol in the software interface. This research fixture with a variable adjustable light recipe is unique because it has the full capabilities of a production fixture with a fixed light recipe, but with endless possibilities.

Previously, research fixtures with variable light recipes had lower output and smaller sizes that were only suitable for laboratory or climate cell setups. The HORTILED Top Explore eliminates all possible differences between a laboratory setup and a real greenhouse environment, both in production greenhouses and in R&D facilities. When the light recipe tested with the HORTILED Top Explore is implemented in a production model fixture with a fixed light recipe, the production results will be the same.

The fixture can be used in any greenhouse situation with existing installations: plug & play! HORTILED Top Explore consists of a light unit (LU) that contains the LEDs. The LM is connected by cables to the driver unit (DU), which controls the power and output of the LEDS in the LU. The DU is connected via a wireless connection to the software interface on a computer to make the settings.


  • Increasing investment security during the transition to LED grow light
  • Reducing start-up losses through learning effect and correct climate settings
  • Optimizing light recipes for better plant quality and more consistency production
  • Improving the lighting strategy through advice from Hortilux consultants
  • Advice and guidance regarding the experimental design and software control
  • Monitoring, interpretation and reporting of test results

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HORTILED® Top Explore