Expert service and maintenance

To achieve optimal performance from your grow light installation, periodic and preventative maintenance is essential. Regular performance testing of your light intensity and lamp and reflector output enables you to extend the life of your installation and components.


Hortilux provides the best maintenance for your system. Professional and certified performance testing helps you to maintain your grow light system in optimal condition. Our systems and fixtures are designed to make it quick and easy to perform maintenance and replace parts.

Extensive performance testing services

We offer a wide range of performance testing services to ensure that all your system components are functioning optimally. We have a certified and calibrated lab to test the performance and efficiency of your lamps, reflectors and drivers. We also offer on-site light measurement. Parts can be ordered online, quickly and easily.


Contact your regular installer for a grow light system inspection,, energy quality testing, and insurance checkups. We can provide advice on this if required.