Grow light solutions

Once, many growers had in mind the idea of ‘a generic light recipe for all crops’. Fortunately this notion is well and truly a thing of the past, and we are now seeing that growers want to get much more from their grow light.

The rise of LED and hybrid grow light systems in particular have created new possibilities for many growers. However, it is still quite a quest to decide on the best grow light system for a specific crop and specific situation. For example, the costs and the lack of knowledge about the possibilities and effects of new grow light technology still play an important role.


To achieve optimal performance from your grow light installation, periodic and preventative maintenance is essential. Regular performance testing of your light intensity and lamp and reflector output enables you to extend the life of your installation and components.

Service and maintenance

Hortilux’s research and consultancy services are designed to take your grow light use to the next level and to optimise the returns for your business. Our company has 40 years of experience in using grow light for horticulture, meaning that we have many different ways to assist you in using grow light for your crops. We do this by knowledge-sharing and research, and by monitoring and optimising your grow light processes.

Advice- and research services

LED and hybrid grow light systems offer new possibilities for your cultivation. However, choosing a grow light system that suits you and your specific situation is still a quest. For example, costs and unfamiliarity with the possibilities and effects play an important role in the choice of new grow light technologies. Click on your specific crop for more information about the perfect grow light solution.

Grow light installation

Hortilux installs your grow light system. As the specialist, we know best how to install all components so that they will complement and strengthen each other. Our professional team of technicians makes sure your installation will perform at its best