Grow lighting presents new options for sports fields

Around 20 years ago we realised that if tomatoes, sweet peppers and chrysanthemums do well when grow light is used, then the same must be true for grass. Today our grow lights are used by more than 100 football stadiums around the world – and for good reason. Together with our partner TLS, we offer innovative grow light solutions that keep sports fields in top condition.

Everyone who works with sports fields knows that realising the highest-quality turf isn’t just an odd job that needs to be taken care of; it’s pure science. For example, the roots of the turf are extremely important, and the grass needs to be really thick. On the other hand, you don’t want it to grow too fast, because then it will need to be mowed much more often. That wastes a lot of energy.
In addition, to achieve even turf quality across the field, the dark corners need to be lit as well. This means that the grow lighting must be easy to move and to place on any location across the field. Hortilux’s grow lights can be moved around the field easily, thanks to the unique lightweight TLS frame.

New possibilities

At the same time, the development of new grow light technologies – such as LED lighting and hybrid lighting (a combination of LED and HPS) – creates new possibilities for turf lighting. LED lighting brings with it more options for improving the physiology of the grass. In addition to improving the turf, LED lighting is 80% more energy-efficient than traditional grow light solutions. This gives your favourite football team a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

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Paul van der Valk

Manager Sales