Grow light yields profits for greenhouse vegetable growers

Lighting for greenhouse vegetables has multiple benefits for growers. Increased production, higher-quality produce, and the option of year-round production are all important issues for greenhouse vegetable growers. Other benefits include better risk distribution and increased ability to plan, which means more certainty for customers and staff.

The emergence of new grow light techniques is creating new opportunities for greenhouse vegetable growers. Developments in light sources and light recipes give growers better control over crop yields and characteristics. The use of LED lighting and hybrid lighting (a combination of HPS and LED) makes it possible to achieve higher light intensity with lower energy costs, and without increased radiant heat.

Biggest barriers

In practice, however, we have found that insufficient knowledge of the right light recipe and the impact of grow light on your specific crop are still the biggest barriers to getting started with new grow light technologies.

Hortilux’s account managers and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. You can take advantage of the knowledge and experience that Hortilux and its partners possess. We continue to support you after the installation of your grow system by proactively providing service and maintenance, and through the use of the HortiSense Digital Grow Light Dashboard.

Would you like to know more about using grow light? Please don’t hesitate to contact:

Kurt Zwemstra

Area Sales Manager Benelux (flowers)