Hybrid grow light system produces new opportunities

A hybrid grow light system consists of a combination of HPS lighting and LED lighting. This type of grow light system enables increased light efficiency, without a corresponding rise in radiant heat. For this reason, many growers will be making the switch from HPS lighting to hybrid lighting in the coming years.

In practice we see that growers have a wide range of reasons for beginning to use a hybrid grow light system. This is often related to new cultivation and production goals, or to the possibilities and limitations of the greenhouse. For example, many growers are faced with higher energy costs and/or limited energy capacity in the greenhouse.

In general, these are the reasons why our clients choose to switch to hybrid grow lighting:



  • Increased (light) efficiency
  • Make changes more optimally to meet the crop’s light requirements
  • Limiting heat emission
  • Saving energy
  • Stronger growth
  • Growth is easier to control, more options for steering
  • The option of increased light intensity with the same energy consumption
  • Reducing use of growth regulators/fewer chemical inhibitors

Customised solutions

Every grower’s situation and goals are unique, which means that customised solutions are needed. Based on individual needs, we create the ideal light plan with the appropriate uniformity and depth. We also help growers to find the optimal business case using our Scenario calculation model. The Scenario calculation model was developed by Hortilux’s engineers, and enables several scenarios to be calculated and compared simultaneously.

A number of these scenarios allow, for example, HPS fixtures to be replaced by LED fixtures one to one, often with no modification to the electrical installation and ground cables. This keeps the costs and lead time for modifications to existing grow light systems to a minimum.


Most efficient LED fixture

In hybrid grow light systems, Hortilux uses the HORTILED Top. This LED fixture was developed by Hortilux and has the highest efficiency level on the market. With an efficiency of 3.5 µmol/W the light output of the HORTILED Top is twice as high as that of an HPS fixture, while it uses virtually the same amount of power.



The rise of hybrid grow light systems and the many possibilities they open up mean that growers have a need for more knowledge on the use of grow light. How much energy can I really save? Which light spectrum is the best one to use to steer my crop? How can I maintain optimal leaf temperature in my crop?


Hortilux’s account managers and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. You can take advantage of the knowledge and experience that Hortilux and its partners possess. After installing your grow system, we continue to support you by proactively providing service and maintenance, and through the use of the HortiSense Digital Grow Light Dashboard.

Would you like to know more about using hybrid grow light? Please don't hesitate to contact:

Kurt Zwemstra

Area Sales Manager Benelux (flowers)