HORTILED® Top Sirius- The most energy-efficient grow light system with high light intensity

The HORTILED® Top Sirius offers the best of both worlds. This LED grow light system is the perfect solution for new construction projects, as well as for replacing HPS fixtures in existing greenhouses.

Its major advantage is in the high light output with lower energy costs. Good news if you want to replace your existing HPS lighting installations with LED. If you are looking for the highest light output with the same energy costs, the HORTILED® Top Intense is the best solution.

With a 525W capacity and an efficiency of up to 3.5 µmol/J, the HORTILED® Top Sirius is ideally suited for one-to-one replacement of 600W HPS fixtures. Not only does it produce a higher light output for the crop, it reduces energy consumption as well. When combined with our knowledge of grow light and light plans, this allows you to increase the light intensity on your crop and save energy. When replacing 1000W HPS fixtures the light intensity remains roughly the same, but the energy saving is maximized.

The advantages

The new HORTILED® Top Sirius:

  1. realises the greatest energy saving and the same light intensity when replacing 1000W HPS fixtures.
  2. realises an energy saving and a higher light intensity when replacing 600W HPS fixtures.
  3. provides optimum light distribution for your greenhouse construction and crop, thanks to the various beam angles.

The HORTILED® Top Sirius is available in various beam angles, for optimum depth and uniformity. This creates a similar light distribution as our HPS reflectors do, and the light distribution is optimal for all types of crops. With a wide beam angle, this grow light system is ideal for lower greenhouse structures and for crops with lower light requirements. You will find more information about the light distribution in the product brochure.


When developing the HORTILED® Top Sirius, we chose to distribute the grow light over several LED light sources. In this way we create better light reception in both high-growing crops and ornamental crops. Thanks to the unique design and the many configuration options, you have the highest yield from a micromole of PAR. In the product brochure you will find more information about the configuration options.


The application of LED grow light often offers new opportunities for your cultivation. Better control on crop characteristics, reduction of growth regulators and more constant production are reasons to choose LED. Our Grow Light Performance consultants advise customers on the possibilities of LED grow light. In doing so, they maintain close contact with research institutions and research partners. We also set up trials, together with growers and growers’ associations, to find the ideal LED spectrum.

Want to know more?

The new HORTILED® Top Sirius is among the top of the market in terms of performance and also has favorable pricing. We are happy to share the product specifications with you. For this you can contact your account manager. The account manager uses a calculation and lighting plan to provide insight into what these new fixtures will mean for you. You can also request a product brochure using the form below. In the brochure you will find more information about the product properties and the various configuration options.

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This product is a fixture (or a part of a grow light system) intended for overhead illumination of horticultural crops. Any other use than the approved intended use described above is considered unintended use. Hortilux Schréder B.V. cannot be held responsible for possible (consequential) damage caused by improper, incorrect or inadvisable use.