HORTILED TOP – Versatile Top LED fixtures

The HORTILED Top is the most versatile LED fixture, suitable for top-lighting all crop varieties. When developing the HORTILED Top, we chose to distribute the grow light over multiple LED light sources. This creates better light reception for both tall-growing crops and ornamental plants, giving you the highest yield from a micromol PAR.

HORTILED® Top Intense – The most flexible grow light system with the highest light output

De HORTILED®  Top Intense has the highest light output and achieves the best light distribution thanks to the many configuration options. Regardless of the height of your greenhouse, the space in the roof and the type of crop. Thanks to the absorbed power of 1000W this grow light system is suitable for one-to-one replacement of 1000W HPS fixtures.

HORTILED® Top Sirius – the most energy-efficient grow light system with a high light level

The HORTILED® TOP Sirius is the most energy-efficient grow light system with a high light level. When replacing 1000W HPS fixtures, this grow light system offers maximum energy savings with a constant light level. When replacing 600W fixtures, you have a higher light level and considerable energy savings. With a wide beam angle, this grow light system is ideal for lower greenhouse structures and for crops with lower light requirements.