Add LED to your grow light system? Choose the optimal heat balance


In the coming years, many growers will be adding LED grow light to their existing HPS grow light installation. This creates a hybrid grow light system. At the same time, growing under LED and hybrid grow light is fundamentally different from growing under HPS light sources: the light differs from each other in several respects.

Color ratios differ, as well as the amount of energy the plant receives. In the first place, this is because, unlike LED, an HPS light source also provides radiant heat. This is called near infra red (NIR). This radiation is located between 700nm and 1200nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. Another reason for the difference is efficiency. The most efficient HORTILED light source produces 3.5 µmol of PAR light per joule, compared to 1.9 µmol with HPS. This means that per unit of energy more light than heat comes from an LED light source compared to an HPS light source.


Insight into the heat balance

The mentioned factors are essential to consider when upgrading your HPS grow light system to hybrid or Full LED. It has consequences for crop development, crop evaporation and energy input into the greenhouse. With our scenario calculation model we can calculate different light sources and configurations side by side. The scenario calculation model has been developed by the Hortilux engineers and we use it to provide you with sound advice. Our consultants explain the different scenarios and see how the distribution between these forms of heat in your solution works out, so that you can use this information to get a complete picture of the differences in energy balance.


Grow light technology is developing rapidly. New light recipes, reduced energy consumption, and less radiant heat are a few of the aspects triggering growers to rethink their grow light use. Business owners want to know more about cultivation using new grow light technology, or make smarter use of the existing technology. Hortilux’s advice and research services will help you to take your grow light use to the next level.

Do you want to know more?

Hortilux’s Consultants Grow Light Performance are happy to help you. The consultants share the knowledge and experience that Hortilux has in house with you and act as a knowledge partner. Thanks to a broad partner network of international knowledge and research institutions and our own product development, we always work according to the latest trends and developments. For more information, please contact your account manager and Consultants Grow Light Performance via +31 (0) 174 286 628 or