LED grow light presents new possibilities

LED grow light offers clear added value for many growers. Increased production, better quality, and faster cultivation are just a few of the benefits. LED lighting also presents more possibilities, including that the light spectrum can be geared to the crop, electricity consumption is lower, and the heat supply to the plants is reduced. It is expected that many growers will make the switch to LED grow light, or add LED fixtures to an existing grow light installation.

Most efficient LED fixtures
Hortilux’s LED fixtures have the highest efficiency level on the market. With an efficiency of 3.5 µmol/J, the light output of the Hortiled Top is twice as high as that of an HPS fixture, although it uses virtually the same amount of power. Hortilux’s LED fixtures were developed in-house, and are the result of 40 years of horticultural knowledge. Hortilux’s LED range consists of Hortilux NXTLEDHORTILED Top Explore, HORTILED Top Intense & Sirius, HORTILED Multi and the HORTILED Multi 4DIM.

We are seeing in practice that growers have a great need for knowledge on the right way to use LED lighting, on issues such as proven results for the crop, sustainability gains, and return on investment.

Hortilux’s account managers and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. Thanks to our research and consultancy services, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Hortilux and its partners. After installing your grow light system, we continue to support you by proactively providing service and maintenance.