Hortilux NXTLED - The next level in horticultural lighting

With an efficacy of up to 4.1 μmol/J, a power of up to 1400W and an output of over 5500 μmol, the Hortilux NXTLED is the most efficient fixture on the market. A brand new fixture and a brand new name: Hortilux NXTLED stands for the quality of our NXT2 HPS fixtures from the past, while offering a fresh and innovative look at the future.

600, 750, 1050 and 1400W

The new NXTLED series has an internal driver with four different wattages, providing a perfect solution for every situation: 600W, 750W, 1050W and 1400W. We are the first to introduce an LED fixture with such a high power, resulting in the highest light output per fixture. This means that fewer light points per m2 are required and maximum energy savings are achieved. The design of the NXTLED ensures optimal air cooling through the venturi effect.

Dynamic lighting with dim function

The fixture is dimmable as standard via the built-in dongle and can easily be connected to the climate computer, making dynamic lighting (including switchable green and dimmable far-red) easy to achieve. Dimming is wireless and digital without the need for internet via a mesh-network.

Boost function

The Hortilux NXTLED is equipped with a ‘boost’ funtion: this means that the power of switched off channels (green and far-red) is distributed to blue and red, resulting in a higher efficacy of up to 4.1 μmol/J. This way, you always make maximum use of the available power for growth and don’t waste energy on colors when they aren’t needed. 4% blue and 5% green is always maintained when switching.

Multiple light recipes and best uniformity

NXTLED comes in a range of standard light recipes consisting of Blue, Green, Red and Far-red. We offer the perfect solution, whether it’s for vegetables, microgreens, herbs, leafy greens. soft fruit or flowers. Our specially developed optic ensures the best uniformity without light loss for every greenhouse situation.

More information

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