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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


Easily add LED fixtures to your HPS grow light system


In the coming years, many growers will be adding LED grow light to their existing HPS grow light systems, creating hybrid grow light systems. There are a wide range of reasons for beginning to use a hybrid grow light system. They are often related to new cultivation and production goals, or to the possibilities and limitations that the greenhouse presents (for example higher energy costs and/or limited energy capacity).

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PCF Greenhouse Technologies and Hortilux expand cooperation during COVID-19 pandemic.


PCF Greenhouse Technologies - Russia's leading company for the design, construction and engineering support of greenhouse complexes - is implementing a number of greenhouse complex construction projects in Russia in 2020. According to General Director Vladimir Tsanava, it is very important for the company to have a reliable supplier of lighting equipment, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Harm Ammerlaan new commercial director


On 1 November 2020, Harm Ammerlaan will start as the new commercial director at Hortilux. As sales manager at BASF Vegetable Seeds and prior to that as general manager of LetsGrow.com, Ammerlaan built up a wealth of experience and a broad network in international horticulture. Hortilux is therefore really looking forward to his arrival.

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Welcome to our new website!


A new slogan also asks for a new website! On our new website you will find all the information and knowledge that fits our new vision and services. The site is easier to navigate, and you will find the information you are looking for faster. A site that fits perfectly with a knowledge partner. Have fun surfing!

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In high-wire cultivation, it’s important that the light penetrates deep into the crop


Many growers who invest in LED lighting opt for wide-beam LED fixtures with a high light output. In this way, they aim to achieve optimal light distribution at the top of the crop and to limit investment costs. In high-wire crops, however, it is particularly important that the light penetrates deep into the crop, so that as many leaves as possible contribute to the photosynthesis. This is why Hortilux's advice is to invest in more, and far-reaching, LED fixtures in this case. This can result in up to eight percent production gains.

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Medical Cannabis growers can learn from fresh produce and flower growers


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