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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


New Hortilux grow light system enables phased investment in LED


Growers who invest in LED usually make the decision to add LED grow light to an existing HPS grow light installation. Because energy prices are skyrocketing and have a major impact on the company's returns is an added incentive. In fact, the sooner the switch to LED is made, the better. However, many growers balk at making the investment required to purchase an LED grow light system. Read more...

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Faster and more sustainable cultivation with Hortilux’s new indoor farming grow light system


Multi-layer growing systems are gaining ground worldwide, so Hortilux is introducing HORTILED® Multi Fusion: 'the growth recipe for your multi-layer cultivation'. This grow light system is characterised by a high light output, combined with substantial energy savings and optimum light uniformity. The grow light solution can also be easily adapted to specific situations and cultivation goals.

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Video: Achieve your business and cultivation goals with hybrid grow light


You want to use LED to achieve your business and cultivation goals. But what should you choose and above all: what do you really need? With our specialists, we provide the perfect LED or Hybrid grow light solution, fully in line with your unique wishes.

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‘Independent Hortilux grow light system performance testing delivers multiple benefits for growers’


Hortilux sets the bar high when it comes to the quality of its grow light systems, which is why the grow light specialist produces both LED and HPS systems in-house. In addition, the efficiency and light output are measured by an independent testing laboratory prior to products being launched on the market. Extensive testing of the systems' chemical density began recently. This testing enables the grower to be sure that they are investing in a grow light system with a maximum lifespan.

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Pure profit: maintain your grow light installation


Grow light is one of the most crucial production resources for a greenhouse horticulture business, so it's only logical that, as a grower, you will want to get the maximum return from your grow light installation. Good and regular maintenance – preferably in the time around crop rotation – is therefore a must. It means that you are assured of the optimum quantity of grow light, and thus of maximum production.

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Great need for knowledge of cultivation with LED lighting


Growing under LED is hot. And growers want to know all about it: there's a great need for knowledge. This was one of the findings that came from the overwhelming interest in the webinar 'Successful Cultivation with LED', organised by grow light specialist Hortilux last week in collaboration with GreenTech.

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